Holding Out For A Hero

Holding Out For A Hero

The year was 1995. I was about to turn 17 (though as far as the venue for my party was concerned it would be my 19th - the perils of going to gigs from a young age). I was renowned for my love of grunge and so it came as no surprise that I received more than one copy of Frogstomp for my birthday from friends who thought I'd like it.

I did. I loved it but, as much as the songs, I loved the back story. I loved all things Australian (as you'll know if you follow this blog) and the thought of these songs being written by kids younger than me blew my mind. It was the ultimate 'you can do anything' story and yet, like so many, it became one marked by sadness, illness and general disbelief.

Many would be forgiven for assuming Silverchair frontman Daniel Johns slipped away to live a quiet life and indeed he did (as much as he possibly could) but over the decades his creativity wouldn't diminish. Unfortunately, neither did the relentless hounding from the press.

Attention grabbing headlines attacking his family and personal life have peppered Daniel's life for decades and he's been left to take it but finally he's found a way to answer back. A new 5 part Spotify podcast 'Who Is Daniel Johns?' is a genuine insight to everything about the singer/songwriter and is an absolutely fascinating listen.

Johns opens up about fame, mental health, creativity and more, alongside interviews with those closest to him. At times upsetting and at others hilarious, it provides the best insight yet into the creative genius (how many things did you create when you were 15 that hold up decades later?).

You can listen to the podcast exclusively on Spotify here: