King of the New Year

King of the New Year

If you follow me on Instagram you'll know that during 2021 my love for TikTok/Instagram star Jacob Givens has grown and grown and how could it not? Warm, humble, funny and talented, this actor and avid grunge fan came to my attention with his viral 'listening to (insert grunge/rock band here) for the first time' videos which were equal parts hilarious and accurate.

Since then he's gone on to include clips on albums you should check out, peeks into his own covers band and anecdotes on how music became such a huge part of his life.

It's easy to be dismissive of social media and it's negative aspects but Givens has regularly brought a smile to my face and slowly earned himself a place at my hypothetical celebrity dinner party - as long as there's a drunken listening party afterwards.

If you haven't already checked him out (seriously, where have you been?!) then please do.

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